(Email written by Curtis)

Thank you for those of you who supported me and our community in a time of need last fall.  I lost my best friend Madi Wyman to suicide. This had a huge impact on my life. I never thought suicide would effect me, my family, or my friends.  It took me a long time to begin to deal with the situation. Even my passion for soccer was effected, I couldn’t feel the fire burning in me begging me to go play.  I felt guilty for the longest time, and I couldn’t focus.  I learned just how much damage suicide caused to families, friends and even the community.  It also made me aware of how big of a problem it is.  Soon after I realized I wanted to be a part of the solution.

     I am sending this email to some of you that have already reached out and others that I believe would like to be apart of the solution.  I have been working with Madi’s family to develop this walk to promote suicide prevention awareness and healing.  The funds raised from the walk will be used for example to bring in speakers that can connect with the kids in the community with this issue. To fund youth groups that have already been formed to promote strength, confidence, tolerance, and understanding and to give resources to students and families in need of help.  We need individuals and organizations to help with the costs to put this walk together, and to provide funding to try and combat this community wide problem.  Sandpoint and the surrounding area is in a crisis right now. The number of adults and children attempting and completing suicide are well above national average.  We have to make those in need aware that suicide is not the answer and show them that there are people that care about them and are willing to help.  We need sponsors or donors to help us with this if you have not been touched by suicide in these past few years, you are lucky. If you have you know what the pain is like.
     For me this has changed me, there are parts of this that will be with me for my entire life.  I had been on the phone with Madi the night before she passed.  We made a plan to go to a near by field to practice soccer after school the next day so we could get ready for the Olympic Development Program tryouts the next weekend.  We both promised we would go.  This phone call will forever haunt me because while the phone was ringing I hoped she wouldn’t pick up. I hoped this because I felt more comfortable texting and I feared I wouldn’t know what to say.  This haunts me because less than 12 hours before she passed away, part of me was afraid to talk to her over the phone. I deal with the way it haunts me because I remember how good it felt to hear her voice through the phone once she answered.  Then less than 12 hours later, right before school I got the call that Madi had taken her life and at that moment my life had been changed forever.  Every person that we can help is chance to stop this from happening to other families, other friends and the community
~Curtis Hauck

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. I lost my son Kris by suicide. I found him and he was moaning and reaching for me. He was in the bathtub (he has always been so thoughtful and precious and my sweet boy) so he would not make a mess. He died two days later. I cry every day. I can’t sleep without medicine. I never thought suicide, ever. He was a straight A student, a soccer star, the best younger brother to Kyle, the best boyfriend to Kayla, and the greatest son to me. Yes he saved 8 peoples lives and gave eye sight to 2, but I’d rather have Kris back.
    I love you Kris forever and always and will never forget you. 7/18/2000-9/5/2016


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