-Walk for Hope Sandpoint – Who are we?

Walk for hope is not you or me but all of us who are tired of seeing our youth, friends, and family make a decision that is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  Suicide is a crisis that takes a toll on all of us.  If you think it won’t affect you, you are unfortunately most likely going to be wrong.  It is time to make sure anyone in need in our community knows that there are people here who care about them and are here if we are needed.  It is time to make sure everyone knows how valuable they are.  It is time to teach our youth how to value themselves.  Life is a gift.  It is our responsibility to foster that value in all of our youth.  We have an obligation to help every child find the beauty in this world, our community, our families and friends.  We each have something to offer and the more we share our gifts the stronger our bond we have and the greater our strength our self-image develops.

Walk for Hope is tasked with bringing speakers in to connect and guide our youth.  We want to provide tools and assistance to those in need both individuals and families.  We are determined to bring a culture of others mindedness into our schools and community.  It is time to build up, not to tear down.  All of us gain more from positive impacts on others than by negativity and breaking down flaws.  “Popular” culture with all of the “Win at all costs”, “Me first” attitudes needs to change and change now.

We have great teachers, counselors, parents, and clergy, and other community leaders as well as student leaders and student organizations.  We want to help provide the resources to improve and bring light to the youth culture in our community.

Join us.  No more rhetoric, it is time to do something.  In sports, academics, and daily life think about what you say and do.  Be positive.  Give someone a compliment.  Thank someone for an ordinary thing that they do.  Show appreciation.  Help us bring young people who can connect with our kids in to the community to connect with them.  Be a part of the solution!  Ignore our politicians examples and forgive the acts of others while focusing on what we can and will be as a society, not what we are and the abyss we could slide into.