The question we all ask when a loved one commits suicide is why?.  Those who lose a loved one to suicide will despair over this question forever.  On November 2nd, 2015, we lost our 14 year old daughter Madison Wyman to suicide with no warning that anything was even wrong.  This unimaginable tragedy not only left our family devastated and heartbroken, but our entire community as well.  Madison was a freshman in high school, on the JV Soccer Team, involved in her church youth group and a member of our local 4-H program.  She was beautiful, smart, and talented with so much positive in her life.  How could this happen to our loving family?  We will never truly know!  What we do know is the pain and devastation that is left behind.  The extreme grief deep inside, the anger, the shock, the hole that is left in our family forever.

-Jennifer Wyman


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